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Welcome to the #1 mobile detailing service in Spokane

You work hard for your family most of the day, and the last thing you want to do when you get off work–other than being with your family– is spend time cleaning and detailing your car. Or even taking it into a mobile detailing shop seems like a chore! That means you either have to wait around at the shop, or inconvenience someone else to pick you up and drop you back off. 

We understand your problem!

Whether you’re at work or at home with your family, we are a premium mobile car detailing service that comes to you. We handle everything from the polishing of your exterior to the steam cleaning of your interior. The only thing we need is your keys!

If you’re in Spokane, WA, or surrounding areas, and you need our service, give us a call today!

How it Works:

Once you give us a call, we will schedule an appointment for our technicians to come out to wherever you and your vehicle are. It could be, while you’re at work, at home, or even having a day at the spa!

Also, during the call, you’ll tell us what type of vehicle you have, and at this point, we can quote you for our service.

We have several different options for our auto detailing services ranging from basic exterior and interior wash which takes under an hour, to the enhanced paint gloss exterior and interior deep clean which can take up to 4 hours.

Once you select an option, we come with our trailer, get your keys from you, and we are at work! All while you can return to your business at hand.

After we’re finished, we’ll give you a text or call to let you know. Then you can drive home in your shiny, looking brand new, vehicle!


Exterior Detailing

Having your car shine from hood to pavement is our main goal for our exterior detailing service. What’s great about our car cleaning service, is that the more time, effort, and attention to detail we give to you, the more business we end up getting! Because if your car is turning heads throughout Spokane, that means people are going to ask about it!

Our exterior auto detailing starts with a basic hand clean and towel dry method, all using industry-leading cleaning equipment and products. We also pressure wash your wheels and tires until the rims shine, and the tires are black as night. Once we have everything dried, we then make sure to remove any and all soap residue that is left over.

If you went beyond the basic auto wash, completely polish your vehicle by hand with a shiny wax coating and protectant.

And if you chose our top-notch service, we do all the above, plus buff out any scratches, and provide a high gloss paint enhancement. At this point, you might as well have a brand new, freshly painted car!

Interior Detailing

Our mobile car detailing service goes way beyond just the outside of your vehicle. Since it’s always the exterior wash and polish our clients just expect, they forget how nice a newly freshened interior is!

Our basic auto detailing service includes a wipe down of all leather, upholstery, door jams, and dashboard. As well as, a complete vacuum of seats and floors.

Go one step above our basic service, you receive a complete shampooing and steam cleaning of the floor and seats (if they’re fabric, leather requires special treatment!).

And to top it off, you’ll have that fresh, new car smell for days after we’re done!

Engine Detailing

A full service car wash isn't complete without a deep clean of your engine!

Here, we use our state-of-the-art mobile detailing pressure washer and steam cleaner to make your engine shine. This is especially great for those with classic cars and chrome engine parts.

The equipment we use:

We are often asked about the type of detailing tools and products that we use. This is a great question because typically you’ll never see the equipment since you’ll be using the time to work or be with your family. Also, if you have a classic car or high-end luxury car,  you’ll need to be reassured that we won’t scratch your paint! So here is a list:

Sponges and/or Microfiber Towels

These are the most basic items for all car detailing services and do-it-yourself jobs. Because of sponges absorbent properties, they are able to work in a lather onto your vehicle’s paint very well. This makes them a must-use for most jobs. If your car has more delicate paint, it’s ideal to use microfiber towels for the job. Also, microfiber towels are ideal for drying your vehicle as well.

Leather towels

As professionals, we tend to use real chamois leather towels when we can. Very similar to the absorbency and lathering ability of sponges, they have great cleaning ability as well. But, they also don’t or rarely cause scratches or swirl marks that a sponge can.

Exterior cleaning brushes

For most truck and off road worthy vehicle applications, brushes are essential to remove hard grime and dirt build-up, especially around the wheels and wheel wells. These have decent bristle strength to add the “elbow grease” that is required to get the stuck dirt off. But of course not so hard that it scratches the paint.

Interior cleaning brushes

These brushes have a much softer bristle, allowing the ability to scrub on fabric inside the car. Then we have an even softer brush for leather and other more delicate materials.

Wax and sealant

All jobs, professional or home use, should always end with an application of wax and sealant. This is what is going to restore the shine and make your car look “showroom ready”. Also, it protects from UV rays, dirt, sand, and other debris that may chip away at your car’s paint.

Car vacuum cleaner

Obviously, all dirt and grime inside your car can’t be scrubbed away. But with our high powered vacuum, we can remove all dry dirt and debris. The vacuum also comes with many attachments, to get into the awkward nooks and crannies of any vehicle. The vacuum is a necessity for all professional full service car washing and also for at home do it yourself jobs.

Pressure Washer

When you hear the term “pressure washer”, you’re likely thinking of the one you use to clean your cement driveway or your roof. But this isn’t the case for a professional mobile car cleaning service. We use industry-specific pressure washing equipment. This means specific nozzles for any type of paint. Basically, we’re saying that we’ll NEVER scratch, chip, or fade the paint of your vehicle.

Car Polisher

The electric-powered or battery-powered polisher is essential to a professional-looking mobile detail job. Some companies pride themselves on doing it “by hand”, and this is just so wrong. When you go by hand, there’s a high chance of uneven polishing. With this piece of equipment tho, you can guarantee the exact same pressure throughout your entire car’s surface.

Detailing Air Blower

Another tool that separates the professionals from the novice, the mobile detailing air blower. After washing with water and soap, it’s inevitable that some will slip in the cracks–between the doors, or the hood, or the windows. If this water and soap aren’t blown out of the cracks, it’s guaranteed to come out while you’re driving 35 mph down the road, causing soap scum build-up. Again, these blowers use specifically made for this, so it won’t cause any damage.

Professional Cleaning Products

Lastly, we use only the top, industry-leading car wash products. We take our job very seriously and want to continue business with you and anyone who takes notice of your clean car. We don’t take any shortcuts with cheap products. A cleaner and long-lasting clean is our goal, and your satisfaction is our guarantee.

We travel anywhere in Spokane to professionally detail your car or truck!

No more driving to the car wash and waiting in line, taking away your precious time. As the #1 car detailing service in Spokane, we take pleasure in coming to you and giving you high-quality service.

But hurry! Spots fill up daily.

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